12.02.2021: LETTER TO ANNA - The Story of Journalist Politkovskaya’s Death now on VIMEO

October the 7th 2021 marks the 15th “anniversary” of Anna's killing. Has anything changed in Putins's Russia?

He still is in power, a lot of Polikovskaya's forecasts have become true. Watch "Letter to Anna" and check it. Share some moments with a extraordinary brave and courageous woman.>

As bonus on Vimeo: version francaise, deutsche Fassung, versione italiana:Narrated by Susan Sarandon, voice-over Anna by Catherine Deneuve for the French version (part of the bonus) and by Iris Berben for the German version (part of the bonus), in cooperation with Cinema for Peace/Jaka Bizilj.

Letter to Anna won the Vaclav Havel Award 2008.

Watch the film on Vimeo

The NYT on the movie PDF (1.3245344162 mb)